Business Start-ups and company formation

We offer tailor made start-up packages which include various value-adding services (see below). The aim of this service is to ensure you have a good understanding of the future viability of the business. We help by providing analysis of the opportunities for growth, development and reward as well as helping to identify the risks.

Our objective is to ensure your new business start’s life with a robust foundation to ensure fewer problems in the future and allowing you to focus your attention on its growth and development.

Summary of Services to Business Start-Ups

  • Advice on the best trading structure – sole trader, Ltd or partnership
  • Incorporation services – we can set up your new Ltd company
  • Business advice and recommendations of good business practice
  • Preparation of cash flows and business plans for banks, investors and grant awarding bodies
  • Meetings to review the statutory obligations on businesses
  • Registration with relevant governmental depts., eg. Tax, VAT, PAYE
  • Provision of free online accountancy software and training
  • Recommendation of other professionals and contacts – e.g. banks, solicitors etc

Micro Business

We offer a lite version of our services (lite on price not on service!) for those Micro businesses that are either just starting up and turnover is still small (less than £15K) or would be classed as a “hobby” type businesses which need to comply with HMRC but are not expected to grow significantly in the future and therefore need to keep costs such as accountancy services to a minimum.

This service starts as low as £15 per month. For more detail contact us

Starting a new business can be extremely exciting but not without its stresses. We can help you enjoy the fun stuff by ensuring all the legal & financial side is covered, your budgets and business plans make sense and you have your cashflow in hand. So you can put your heart & soul into your new business confident that you have the backup you need from your accountants.

Companies House, HM Revenue & Customs

  • Setting up & registering your business
  • Sole trader, partnership or limited company?
  • Business compliance & administration

Running your business

  • Business planning, budgets, cashflow projections
  • Systems setup & hardware advice
  • Company Secretary responsibilities
  • Bookkeeping, payroll & VAT payments
  • Ongoing financial & business advice

Selling your business?

  • Valuation
  • Help with Negotiations
  • Wind-up processes