Dentistry is a niche vocation where the contractual framework for generating income is completely different to the general commercial sector. It is therefore very important that dentists choose an accountant who fully understands that framework and has the experience to provide a professional, knowledgeable and effective service.

We have a team of specialists with years of experience in dealing with health professionals and in particular dentists. Whether you are a principal practicing alone, in partnership, in an expense sharing arrangement of through a company or an associate we have the expertise to ensure that your accountancy and taxation affairs are handled with skill and clarity.

We provide an efficient cost effective service to Associates which entails the preparation of clear and meanungful accounts, together with a tex return for you which we will submit online.
We will fully explain your accounts and clearly set out your tax liabilities and when they will be payable.
If you provide your records, we will do the rest.
And if you are looking to buy a practice we will support you through that process and assist you with the due diligence and the sourcing of finance.

Our specialist team will as a matter of course:
- prepare industry tailored accounts that will clearly show a picture of your financial performance and position
- discuss and explain in a face to face meeting those accounts with you, together with any other business issues
- explain your tax position clearly and upon approval, file your tax return online
- be there to provide day to day telephone support. We build relationships with our clients, so our fees are fixed and include free telephone support.

We can also:
- prepare comprehensive management accounts on a monthly or quartely basis
- assist in developing budgets and forecasts
- provide bookkeeping support and advice
- deliver tax planning support
- provide support and advice on practice acquisitions and sales and help with the sourcing of finance